Beach Fires – The 1st Single

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Beach Fires - Carus Thompson
Beach Fires - Carus Thompson

Beach Fires – Carus Thompson

Carus Thompson proudly presents his first new track in five years, the dark summer single ‘Beach Fires’ from his forthcoming album ‘Island’.

‘Beach Fires’ was co-written with Island’s producer Joel Quartermain, the production force behind Australian powerhouse Meg Mac, writer of many chart topping hits with iconic rock band Eskimo Joe and collaborator on singles for Dan Sultan and Dustin Tebbutt.

The exciting pairing has yielded a massive artistic leap for Carus, one of this country’s hardest working singer-songwriters.

Like an Australian Springsteen or Mellencamp telling engaging and intelligent stories through song, in ‘Beach Fires’ Carus paints a vivid lyrical picture of escape, breaking out, leaving an imploding town behind and starting anew. Beneath the breezy summer vibes lies the story of a small town ravaged by the ice epidemic: a biting social commentary delivered by one of Australia’s finest storytellers.

His 2017 release ‘Island’ explores even deeper into the Australian psyche, setting his acoustic sights on dissecting a modern Australia where Trump, refugees and Ice have taken over the national conversation from farming, family values and the great Australian dream.